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Bernard Guillas Gourmet and Fine Dining Events

Bernard’s Event Calendar 2014

September 13
Macy’s School of Cooking – Cooking with Chef Bernard
Local Jewels Pomelo Glazed Mexican Prawns Cumin Eggplant, Rum Spiced Mango

September 18
Chef Showdown – Harley Davidson Dealership, San Diego

September 20
Cuisine Without Borders
Guest Chef Augie Saucedo from Brothers Signature Catering and Events

September 27
Chef Bernard’s Spice Mixology
Fennel Pollen Just Divine Dessert
Chef Bernard’s Grandmother’s Brittany Honey Cake
Fromage Blanc


October 4
Cooking with Chef Bernard
One Pot Australian Farmhouse Lamb Casserole
Marble Potatoes, Fall Vegetables, Shiraz

October 11
Cuisine Without Borders – Guest Chef Jen Muratore
Sunday Breakfast
Espresso Coffee Cake, Fresh Orange Cranberry Scones & a Traditional Stratta

October 25
Chef Bernard’s Spice Mixology
Taha Vanilla Spice of the Gods
Tahitian Poulet Fafa


November 15
Cooking with Chef Bernard
A Happy Thanksgiving
Chestnut Brioche Stuffed Organic Turkey Breast
Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry Pineapple Relish

November 29
New Cookbook Celebration
Chef Bernard’s Spice Mixology
Island Spiced Albacore Tuna
Fried Plantain, Mango Callaloo


December 13
Cuisine Without Borders – Belgium
Guest Chef Isabella Valencia

December 20
Cooking with Chef Bernard
Sesame Smoked Sea Salt Cured
Ono, Salmon or Tuna
Eggplant Sunomono

December 27
Chef Bernard’s Spice Mixology
Magical Eggnog Spice
Bernard’s Eggnog Cheesecake



Chef Bernard Guillas appearing on San Diego Channel Six TV


Chef Bernard live guest appearnce on FOX TV